Ste-Marie-Madeleine Village Church Taizé




This is my second MOC and a model of the romanesque Village Church in the French Village of Taizé. The Place is worldwide known for the Community of Taizé and the meeting with thousands of young people every week in the village and places all arround the globe. They build a bigger, new church in the 1960s, but the small church is still a famous landmark for all pilgrims and a place for prayers and services of all denominations.
For me personal it's a really nice place with lot og beautiful memories. The MOC is quite simple with some small details. I changed the garden a little bit, so now there is just a small graveyard but also a little garden with roses. Pictures of the original church you can find here: Pictures of the Church
As also descriped in the instruction, you can change the colours and bricks for the walls and the roof as you want. I just want to show you an idea, how to build this. Of course, you can also rebrick it brick by brick, if you like.
I'm still missing the parts for the spire, so I added the digital picture to give you an idea.
Hope you like the MOC. Please let me know, if you know Taizé, what you think about the build and if you rebricked it.

The digital Image in all his glory.

The graveyard with the little wall and "Magnifi-cat"

The detail of the front entrance.

The side wall with the little garden.

The roof and the bell tower in the back.

The Spire, as it's suppost to look
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Name Ste-Marie-Madeleine Village Church Taizé
Designer Kassiopeia
Designed 2019
Inventory 1013 parts
Theme Architecture
Old Trafford
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