SNOT USS Enterprise




Snot Project - Brick Built Enterprise
Whenever I visit with my parents, I have the dilemma of what to build with the collection that they have (my old collection) which consists mostly of bricks and very few slopes, and virtually no plates.
This is the result of this visit. The pictures are rat-rodded due to lack of white pieces. The clutch power is so bad that I had to support it on the front lest the saucer section would have fallen off. With new bricks that shouldn't be a problem. 
The ship is built entirely back-to-front like other SNOT projects of mine (click on the SNOT tag on the side to see more) and uses just bricks (except for the two slopes on the Nacelles.) It is  not meant to be accurate (it can't be) but just recognisable - and even my parents recognised it handily - they are hardly avid trekkies :)

Finally, I added another version in the bricksafe gallery, which looks a bit better, but uses some plates and bricks I did not have.
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Name SNOT USS Enterprise
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Inventory 175 parts
Theme Space
Old Trafford
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