Predator Supercar




2015 Technic Supercar with steering, gearbox, independent suspension and more...

Predator is the result of several months of work and is inspired by exotic supercars like for example Koenigsegg, Pagani, Bugatti and Gumpert. What most of those cars have in common is that they all have their unique character despite their clean and generic supercar look. The idea was to give Predator a similar identity, keeping things clean, but still give it a unique and clear supercar styling. But its uniqueness should not be limited to its looks alone; also what's going on under the shell should give it a little extra, covering some innovative ideas.

Specs & Features

- L x W x H (studs): 59 x 31 x 13

- # of parts: 1797

- The heart of the car consists of a V8 engine;

- A vertical positioned gearbox is located right behind the engine and transfers its power directly to the rear wheels;

- the 6 different speeds (5+R) can be manually selected with the gearstick between the seats and has a one to one mechanical connection to the gearbox with some linkages;

- All wheels are suspended independently with double wishbones;

- The front wheels are steered through either steering wheel or HOG and include ackermann geometry;

- Front axle also has positive caster angle and kingpin inclination. Bump steer is minimized due to the low location of the steering rod;

- Gullwing doors which can be controlled from directly above the airintakes on the side and include a wormwheel configuration;

- Bonnet and engine cover can be opened as well, but this is done manually and they have a built-in limitation of their respective opening angle. They stay open due to friction.

Most of the parts should be quite common and easy to obtain. If however the wheelcovers are a big problem, I'd suggest the following alternative in which to use LBG wheels and black (4285b) radar dishes. The result of how that looks can be seen on my website .

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Name Predator Supercar
Designer NKubate
Designed 2015
Inventory 1797 parts
Theme Technic
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