The Master Sword Box




Zelda themed Lego Puzzle Box. 

Help Link on his adventure to acquire the famous Master Sword! Brave this challenging dungeon, solve the puzzles, find the key, unlock the treasure, bomb the wall and release the epic The Master Sword!
In the end only the adventurers with true courage will discover the hidden secrets of the dungeon. 

The Lego Master Sword was designed by SkywardBrick, and is required for this puzzle.  
Discount Coupon for The Master Sword included with the purchase of this MOC. 
Get the instructions for it here:

Included in the download:
- Puzzle Box Instructions PDF
- Master Sword modification Instructions, to modify SkywardBicks design to fit this puzzle.
- Parts List. 
- Bticklink parts file. Upload to to easily purchase all the needed parts.
- Solution PDF, describing how to solve the puzzle step by step. 
Discount Coupon for The Master Sword MOC instructions by SkywardBrick

NOTE: Instructions for the Master Sword itself is not included. 
You can get those from SkywardBrick here:

Studs: 20.0 x 18.0 x 38.8
Inches: 6.3 x 5.7 x 12.2
Centimeters: 16.0 x 14.4 x 31.0

Ounces: 50
Grams: 1420

v1.3 - 04.03.20 - Uploaded Instructions v1.1 with a few fixes in it making it easier to follow. 
v1.2 - 02.09.19 - Added Coupon for a discount on The Master Sword MOC by SkywardBrick.
v1.1 - 31.09.19 - Added the Solution .pdf. 
v1.0 - 31.09.19 - Initial upload. Added main instructions, parts list, sword modification instructions, bricklink upload instructions, bricklink upload file.

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Name The Master Sword Box
Designer legolamaniac
Designed 2019
Inventory 1329 parts
Theme Other
Modification of MOC-18062 The Master Sword - The Legend of Zelda MOC
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