1989 Batmobile




I can confidently say that this is the most accurate minifigure scale MOC for Tim Burton's Batmobile and no work will ever top it. I get a lot of inspirations from the MOCs of others cuz as you can see the exterior looks similar to the existing works, but I perfected the exterior to make the MOC look more accurate from whatever angle you see (not to mention the interior structure is completely different). Beside the perfect shape, there are other wonderful features that makes this MOC unique and badass:

  • Sliding Cockpit: You can acctually slide the cockpit open like in the movies! And yes it fits one Batman minifig. The cockpit interior is also well decorated.
  • Gadgets and Tools: The MOC is quipped with forward-mounted machine guns, side-mounted grappling hook and shin-breakers, exhaust flame on the back, and a rotating pedestal at the bottom. In a word, it is just like in the movies! Also, there is enough space behind the driver's seat where you can storage Batman's little gadgets like grap gun (with hook) and batarangs.
  • Structure: This MOC does not only look good, but also has the most stable structure! Pieces are well connected in smart ways so you can play the MOC in your hand whatever way you want without worrying breaking it!

Honestly LEGO, stop making childish sets of Batmobiles and produce sets with my design plz lol (just kidding nobody cares). Special thanks to Lucas for the brilliant inspiration.

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Name 1989 Batmobile
Designer Chairman Xi
Designed 2019
Inventory 329 parts
Theme Super Heroes > Batman
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