Caterpillar M322D wheel excavator (42043 C-model)




Wheeled excavator built just from 1 model parts (42043 Mercedes Benz), with many functions

2 functions transfered from base to superstructure through big turntable - steering and engine drive

manual functions:
HOG steering via beacon light
stabilizing legs (2 side on front, 1 working as shovel at back) operated with the same beacon light (not enough power to lift excavator :( )
gear for rotating superstructure
working 6piston inline engine driven by rear wheels + openable hood
handle to operate function of the attachment (*1 , *2)

motorized functions:
motorized pneumatic piston
battery box working as counterweight

pneumatic function:
4 pneumatic pistons raising boom, dipper and attachments

*1 grabber shovel
*2 pneumatic hammer
*3 big excavator bucket
*4 smaller excavator bucket
(all of them use smaller pneumatic piston, so it can't be built at the same time)

Superstructure bodywork inspired by official lego 42006

except 42043 model, you would need:
* 2 loom bands (front stabilizing legs operation)
* 4697b pneumatic T-Piece from 42043 spare parts

183 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) for base, superstructure with boom, 4 attachments and tubing schema - sample on bricksafe
Suited for experienced builder!

3 downsides:
* not enough gears for front stabilizing legs operation so not enough power to lift excavator :(
* superstructure is heavy due to motor and battery box and is leaning towards left side
* boom is heavy, even though it is raised via 2 pneumatic pistons it takes time

function color mapping schema

orange x motorized pneumatic piston
dark blue x supersturcture rotation
azure blue x rear wheel engine drive
green x operation function of attachment
red x base functions operator
--------> gray steering
--------> pink stabilizing legs

See my other MOCs from 42043

If you're interested in models not released yet (bricksafe - Work In Progress models), PM me or comment here, I should reprioritize it's completition

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Name Caterpillar M322D wheel excavator (42043 C-model)
Designer klimax
Designed 2019
Inventory 1539 parts
Theme Technic
Alternate Build of 42043-1 Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245
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