Spear Wall




Another Wall section for the Generic Corridor - Spear Wall
"Your minifigs walk down a darkened corridor. You don't understand why there is a channel at the middle of the path, almost as if something is supposed to drain through it... but the tomb is dry, and a drop of water is a far-away thought to these famished stones. Your feet drag in the dust. Suddenly there is a click, and faint twangs and wooshes fill the air...
You now understand what drains through the horrid channel..."

Inspired by my son's demand for a booby-trapped room, I proposed the idea - he built it  (as part of the wall, not modular design).I then made a polished modular version, and here it is. 

As a matter of privacy, I don't mention my childrens' names, but I give him full credit for his input and enthusiasm.

The spears are suggestions, that is why there are many kinds. My son actually put Ninjago swords on the tips, but that is way too obvious to fit as a trap, unless the wall section is much thicker.
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Name Spear Wall
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Inventory 65 parts
Theme Modular Buildings
Old Trafford
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