31045 Harlequin cruiser




One could call this model a successful experiment. I started with the nose, just playing to see what was possible to create a kind of twisted shape. I had no plans beyond it and just wanted to see where you could take it. I simple added more parts to the pattern until I came to a kind of bottom. I thought I could attach it to something so I took the rounded plates and to fit it the twisted pattern I alternated the colors. When that worked I knew the pairs of fours were mostly done but like the rounded plates I could do pairs of two colors. So I made a body with enough sideways studs to add the curved slopes in an alternate way. Before I knew it the main build was done. The result was very interesting and appealing but it lacked some details. So I started to add some opposite elements, so they would contribute to the pattern (4, 2-2 and 1-1) and make the model more quirky. They are not necessary but they add a bit extra. If it works for some people or not I don't know, but I always try to include as much as the design will allow.
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Name 31045 Harlequin cruiser
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 126 parts
Theme Creator > Creator 3-in-1
Alternate Build of 31045-1 Ocean Explorer
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