V8 for Auto Chassis 853




The LEGO(R) Auto Chassis 853, released in 1977, was the first LEGO(R) Technic Super Car. And it is still my favorite technic model for all these years. Some people claim that it ist "simple" built and has relatively "few functions". But in my opinion: This simplicity is the greatest advantage of this very first LEGO(R) Technic Super Car.

This simplicity can also be called "modularity", meaning that you can easily modify the model to whatever you want. Three axles? No problem! Front wheel drive? No problem either! Another engine? Pure fun! I spent half of my childhood building and re-building and modifying this particular set. It propelled my imagination to new levels of creativity.

This vast amount of purposes was never ever reached again with any of the more complex sucessor LEGO(R) Technic Super Cars.

Of course, LEGO(R) itself propelled the creativity back then with numerous pictures printed to the 853 box, giving ideas for boxer engines, V engines, and much more. There is a picture of a red dragster equiped with a V4 engine. This was my first attempt, but it did not run that smooth. I then made a improved version of the V engine.

So let's get a really big LEGO(R) Technic V8 engine for the famous red Auto Chassis. Have fun!
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Name V8 for Auto Chassis 853
Designer fgee
Designed 2019
Inventory 211 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Traffic
Modification of 853-1 Auto Chassis
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