Crocodile Maze




This is an easy beginner maze that I built for my 3-year old to start playing with. It has a nice narrative of picking the special blue flowers and then trying to get home, but watch out for the crocodile! 

Note that this maze uses ramps, which don't work well with the standard maze base from set 21305 Maze.  Instead, use the modified Maze Base with Extra Tilt.

There are really only two obstacles in the maze:  falling into the crocodile's mouth or into a small patch of "water".  This seems to be just enough to keep my little one interested without becoming frustrated. By removing or adjusting some of the vegetation or wall bricks, the maze can be made more difficult as skills progress.  

Most of the vegetation is just decorative and could be omitted or replaced with something different.  However, some care has been taken to keep the weight distribution fairly balanced for easier play, and I recommend trying to maintain that balance if you change the model.

The Studio file shows the old version of the crocodile because the new version is not available in Studio, however the Rebrickable inventory here uses the new version.  Also note that the Studio file shows some collisions because it doesn't take into account the flexibility of the vegetation parts.

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Name Crocodile Maze
Designer seejay
Designed 2019
Inventory 380 parts
Theme LEGO Ideas and CUUSOO
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