Sanctum Sanctorum - Avengers




Doctor Strange. - Sanctum SanctorumInstruction in PDF and io.only . 

instrction sample :

mor images : 

Original Designer is “yellow box” ,he only display this moc in his images, I follow his images and  make 

it in LDD and  building instrction as well.   I fix and modify few details to make sure every floor can connect to other floor well and stable during re-design . 

The building divide by four parts - ground , second floor , third floor . Roof . Anyway , there are few erro color issue might happen durning building by yourself . Anyway, you can choose any color you want if it not good enough to you. 

You will receive full Instruction in PDF in order to buy bricks by yourself.  Noticed: There are over 6,000 parts are need for this moc .

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Name Sanctum Sanctorum - Avengers
Designer Harry_HAN
Designed 2019
Inventory 6040 parts
Theme Super Heroes > Avengers


  • 5 months, 2 weeks ago SINTAX Level 11
    How rad of you to put these instructions together for the community. Thank you so very much! You mentioned that there was an .io file available. How do I get a copy of it so I can work on gathering the bricks I'm missing?
  • 5 months, 2 weeks ago Froggage Level 12
    This is incredible! Did I miss the .io file somewhere though?
  • 5 months, 2 weeks ago SebTvHd Level 15 MOC Designer
    I only have one word. Wow. Just to note, you can change 60616 to 60616b and change 93549pat01 to trans-clear to fix the colour errors.
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