Joe's Cantina Extended




Hello everybody, 
my old 2015 cantina always had a taste of unfinished business to me. It still have it, but much less. Since I posted it here a long time ago I tweaked it here and there, my goal had never been to rebuild it from scratch, most of the choices I made building it were part of my learning process post dark age. So yes, It's still a very basic and very perfectible build.
Some months ago, I decided to extend it and the bookstore appeared. At the beginning I just wanted to build a store with an apartment upstairs, In fact I filled the store with books after having completed the apartment.
In this build, you'll got a cantina, a bookstore and two furnished apartments.

Instructions are standard pdf instructions.
You can download the standalone bookstore instructions here.

I hope you'll like it, Berth.
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Name Joe's Cantina Extended
Designer Berth
Designed 2019
Inventory 3612 parts
Theme Modular Buildings
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