42078 SBrick RC + Suspension + Powered Coupling




This is a MOC of 42078 base on the MPD file from jb70's MOC. The suspension system was copied from the Freizeit opfer's Design. And the powered coupling function was inspired by his design too. But I used 2 fishing lines instead of the hard-to-get flex cable from 8444.

  • 2x L-motors for driving
  • 1x Servo-motor for steering
  • 1x m-motor for powered coupling
  • All 3 axles are suspended

SBrick is not in the part list.

Fishing lines is not in the part list either. You could use some black lines.

The left side should be installed first.

Then the right side line.

The steering system has been modified to make it working with the suspended front axle. The bonus is that the steering wheel won't be off center anymore.

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Name 42078 SBrick RC + Suspension + Powered Coupling
Designer riverprawn
Designed 2019
Inventory 1675 parts
Theme Technic
Modification of 42078-1 Mack Anthem
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