42078 Mack F-700 (F-Series)




An alternate build (C-Model) of 42078 Mack(r) Anthem: Mack(r) F-700 (F-Series), cabover truck.

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The model consists of 1241 parts.
Approximate parts price (BrickLink data): 144.258 USD
Model dimensions (WLH): 19.6/42.4/23.6 Stud, 6.2/13.4/7.4 Inch, 15.6/33.9/18.9 cm
It's 8 studs shorter and 4 studs lower than Anthem original model.
Model weight: 866.0g

It needs a few more additional parts to activate the main feature: working steering wheel inside the tillable cabin (~0.8 USD in total):
  1. 1x 32209 or 59426 "Technic, Axle 5.5 with stop" (any color)
  2. 2x 2739a or 32005a or 32005b "Technic, Link 1x6" (any color)
  3. 3x 2736 "Technic, Axle Towbal" (any color)

  • First of all, it can be build using only 42078 set inventory (but working steering wheel requires +6 more parts from common Technic sets).
  • Compatible with all 42078-compatible trailers, as has the same the fifth wheel constriction and position. It was the main mandatory condition, so please welcome to use it with any of your trailers!
  • Boxy enough front widened up to 15 studs (+4 studs) to fit the engine under the cabin. Mack's Bulldog is still here!
  • The headlights can be easily modified to be used with PF LEDs.
  • In-line 6 engine with working pistons from Anthem: only driveshaft has been shortened a bit.
    Really, MP-8s couldn't be faced in the F series but why not add some powerful heart into the old-school truck?
  • Openable doors from the original Anthem but with shortened Mirror stands.
  • Tillable/raiseable cabin that uses the Anthem's pivot points. Now the hood became the cabin, so raise it see how the engine works!
  • And my favorite feature: HOG steering (borrowed form Anthem) with working steering wheel in the tillable cabin! It really turns with the wheels and don't use any gears, u-joints etc., just some linkage magic like was made in the original Anthem, but with some additional tricks.

Here is the schematic image of how the steering wheel is connected to the wheels (yellow - are the parts of the cabin):


  • 2019-11-25 Corrected a very stupid mistake that resulted into an inverted steering. Now it works normally.
  • 2019-11-16 Turned into the C-Model of 42078: Updated inventory, buidling instrctions, IO file, renders.
  • 2019-11-15 Published

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Name 42078 Mack F-700 (F-Series)
Designer VoidSerpent
Designed 2019
Inventory 1235 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Traffic
Alternate Build of 42078-1 Mack Anthem
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