70826 - DinoMechTankThing




Alternate #13 for 70826 - Rex's DinoMechTankThing!!
- High maneuverability!
- Adjustable, protected, hi-tec, armored, driver's cab!!
- Rotating Mech Turret, complete with:
   > room for Rex, and
   > Two opening armored doors, And
   > Stupidly multi-jointed dino arms AND
   > Two shoulder cannons AND (!!)
   > Dino head with built-in cameras in eyes, and... probably flame breath... I dunno.

My measure for the quality of this is rather strange - the wife was like *meh* but the kids were like *Wow!*. Lesson: show to your kids (inner child will do) before you pass judgement :)
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Name 70826 - DinoMechTankThing
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2019
Inventory 196 parts
Theme The LEGO Movie > The LEGO Movie II
Alternate Build of 70826-1 Rex's Rex-treme Offroader!
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