Rex's Space Arcade




This is an alternate build of 70835 Rex's Rexplorer. This 16 wide modular building can be assembled using only the pieces that come in 70835. No additional pieces are needed.

It features three distinct floors. The first floor exterior has a working soda machine:

While the interior features signage, a balcony and an arcade machine:

The second floor exterior features a 3D alien blaster sign:

The interior of the second floor features two balconies, a pumper game and a dino blaster game:

The third floor features a racing game on the interior:

The roof features a skylight and a satellite dish:

It looks great alongside the official Lego modulars:

See the gallery on Bricksafe or watch the YouTube video for more details.

Thanks for your interest. Please purchase the instructions if you'd like to build. They take quite a while to create and they help you get more out of Lego sets you already own. Here's a sample:

Happy Building!

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Name Rex's Space Arcade
Designer underthebricks
Designed 2019
Inventory 1186 parts
Theme The LEGO Movie > The LEGO Movie II
Alternate Build of 70835-1 Rex's Rexplorer!
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