10255 Assembly Square Alternative build




Instructions for an Alternate Build of the LEGO(R) 10255 Assembly Square into a European Jazz Cafe.
This model is comprised of 3 levels containing a highly detailed interior.

On the ground level, there is a spacious coffee shop with a refreshing terrace.
In the kitchen of the cafe, you will discover everything you need to create an inviting atmosphere.  The kitchen features a vintage coffee grinder complete with coffee machine,  ovens for baking desserts, display case and there is an adorable ice cream machine as well.
On the other side, you'll find a restroom nestled under the staircase.

On the mid-level, there is additional seating and you'll discover the tiny Assembly square.  Also featured on this level is the stage set and ready for the Jazz concert, complete with various instruments. 

On the upper level overlooking the stage, there are extra seats in an additional seating area.  Additionally, you will find spotlights pointing towards the stage. You will also encounter the tiny tower bridge created inside for the interior decoration.

The exterior of the building features a mixture of Baroque, 1930s Art Deco and other modern styles.  Highlights include a highly detailed pediment on the right facade,
beautifully curved gable on the top, uniquely shaped towers by the windows on the left facade and neutral colours including grey, sand green, tan and white.

To complete the scene, you can even make a 3-wheeler vehicle and pram for the baby.

Now, you can experience a new building with these instructions.
Everything is included with the instructions, you only need the LEGO 10255 Assembly Square.


This design is the intellectual property of Inyongbricks.
As a copyrighted design, all rights belong solely to Inyong Lee (Inyongbricks). 
Any resale of these items, without express permission from Inyongbricks is an act of fraud and will result in legal action.
It will also bring you bad Karma.

Updated to v1.0.1 
An error on the step 29 has fixed.
(Dark tan Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Door rail to Dark tan 1 x 2 Plate.)

Updated to v1.0.2 
An error on the step 101 has fixed.
(White plate 1x6 and 1x4 should be replaced by 1x10.)

Uploaded split pdf files.

If you're having problem with decompressing the compressed files.
Please try those split pdf files. Thanks.

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Name 10255 Assembly Square Alternative build
Designer InyongBricks
Designed 2019
Inventory 3262
Theme Modular Buildings
Alternate Build of 10255-1 Assembly Square


  • 1 week, 4 days ago Benjirosser Level 3
    Hey, I’ve just bought the instructions off you but they didn’t come through as pdf so unable to view them, are you able to resend them as pdf to my email address 
    Thank you
  • 1 week, 5 days ago Blocchetto.Matto Level 13 PRO
    By the way, I could not help but seeing in your instagram page that you have also created an alternative MOC oh the Haunted House from the Monster Fighters series... I was wondering if you could place that MOC here at Rebrickable as well... would really love to buy that as well. Many thanks for the photos and quality of all the details.
    • 1 week, 4 days ago InyongBricks Level 9 Designed this MOC DESIGNER
      I will consider making instructions of it as well.
      Thank you.
      • 6 days, 6 hours ago holykau Level 5
        I will be the first one to buy if you make it available. It looks amazing in your IG.
  • 1 week, 6 days ago Coloradio Level 4
    Finished the build a few days ago.  Final product is outstanding.  Better than some of the more recent Lego offerings. Changed a few things. The tables/umbrellas on street level were not to my liking so I eliminated them.  I thought they covered up too much of the view of the building. Also, I found the upper level ‘dome’ structure too complex for my liking and simply used 4 quarter round pieces (dark green from Grand Emporium) on a round plate. 
    Well worth the effort and purchase price.  Thank you!
  • 1 week, 6 days ago NikLego91 Level 3
    Hi. I just bought your moc but the downloads do not open in pdf. it keeps zipping itself. Any help please ?!
    I you can send files in PDF format that would be great.
    Regards Nik
    • 1 week, 6 days ago InyongBricks Level 9 Designed this MOC DESIGNER
      You should download 2 compressed files and decompress the .zip file.
      But I can send you the instructions directly.
      Could you tell me your paypal email through private message?
  • 2 weeks ago Henk61 Level 21
    Hi, I just bought you're instructions! Now I can build this fantastic building also... thanks for making such a awesome alternate building of the Assembly Square.
  • 2 weeks ago Ogeleor Level 4
    Hello. I just bought your moc but the downloads do not open in pdf. it keeps zipping itself. Any help please ?! Regards, Roel
  • 2 weeks, 2 days ago brickmania72 Level 7
    Hi, just bought your instructions yesterday. Just asking, do u know the height of the set? Thanks !
  • 2 weeks, 2 days ago manfai265 Level 3
    I bought it and still building the ground floor, but I already feel your way and idea even smarter than the original one, really nice.
    • 2 weeks, 2 days ago manfai265 Level 3
      Also just a kinda remind for the creator. I saw some people copy your PDF file and sale it on TAOBAO(which is like Amazon but a China version). I really don't like people stolen someone effort and even resale as a cheaper price.
    • 2 weeks, 1 day ago InyongBricks Level 9 Designed this MOC DESIGNER
      Thanks a lot!
      And yes.. those people are really discouraging me a lot.
  • 2 weeks, 3 days ago holykau Level 5
    Great job. What is the dimension of the build?
    • 2 weeks, 3 days ago InyongBricks Level 9 Designed this MOC DESIGNER
      Approximately 10"(W) x 10"(D) x 13.4"(H)  or 25.5cm(W) x 25.5cm(D) x 34cm(H)

      Thank you.
  • 4 weeks, 1 day ago InyongBricks Level 9 Designed this MOC DESIGNER
    Note : There is an error on the step 20.
    The dark tan plate (Modified 1 x 2 with Door rail) should be 1 x 2 Plate.
    • 3 weeks, 6 days ago InyongBricks Level 9 Designed this MOC DESIGNER
      Another error on the step 101.
      (White plate 1x6 and 1x4 should be replaced by 1x10.)
      Every error, which has found until now, has fixed.(Date : 29.Dec.2019)
  • 1 month ago Coloradio Level 4
    Purchased instructions, purchased another AS and then discovered instructions won’t download.
  • 1 month ago kulavat Level 4
    How to use your instructions in iOS?
    • 1 month ago InyongBricks Level 9 Designed this MOC DESIGNER
      The first thing you need to do is use applications like "Unzip" to decompress the files.
      After that, you can read the instructions using apps like "Pdf expert".

      Thank you.
  • 1 month, 1 week ago Rainbowbobo Level 4
    Hello~I'm great of fancinating with your ideas!! I have bought 10255 last month. The questions I want to ask are: all bricks are from the set of 10255? and how can I buy this moc building drawing online?  ( forgive that I'm the new one here and it's my first time to come to this web~haha)
    hope u have a nice day :)
    • 1 month ago InyongBricks Level 9 Designed this MOC DESIGNER
      1. Yes every brick is from the 10255 set.
       2. If you click the Building Instructions field above these comments, you will be able to buy the instructions.
      Thank you!
  • 1 month, 1 week ago Johnny112 Level 3
    very nice model, i bought the instructions but cant open them, can anyone help me?
    • 1 month, 1 week ago InyongBricks Level 9 Designed this MOC DESIGNER
      You should decompress the zip file with z01 file somehow.
      Otherwise, I can send you the file via your email.
  • 1 month, 1 week ago Armetas Level 5
    Is it really only 1K pieces needed? or it is a mistake?
    • 1 month, 1 week ago InyongBricks Level 9 Designed this MOC DESIGNER
      It should be more than 3k pieces.
      It seems somehow, some error has happened when I was uploading it.
      I will fix it as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • 1 month, 1 week ago jantechnic Level 5
    Hello ,
    Bought the instructions yesterday ,great job that you have made .
    In a few weeks i will start building this nice model .
  • 1 month, 1 week ago Blocchetto.Matto Level 13 PRO
    You are simply amazing... after buying the rest of the istructions and having built your creations, this will definetely be part of my city very very soon. The details are incredible and so your incredible talent!!! Excellent work and fantastic building. I simply adore it!!!
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