Seastead Maze




Go for a stroll around the fountain-filled parks of Seastead, a city floating in calm waters. This challenging maze was designed to be difficult to master, but also easy to practice on. Various "save points" (medium azure parts scattered throughout the model) offer easy places to set the marble and start again. By counting your restarts at the save points, you get a score and can track your progress over time. 

Although this maze fits the Lego Ideas Maze set (21305), it requires the additional tilt provided by this modification. This maze will not work with the standard maze base because there is not enough tilt to climb the various ramps. The model weights about 700g but has been carefully balanced for comfortable, responsive play. The maze base is more than strong enough to support the weight.

The instructions (built in LPub3D) have been thoughtfully designed for a pleasant building experience. The model has been test built from the instructions and final changes made to ensure their clarity.  You can see some example pages below.

Parts shown in orange in the instructions are hidden and can be any color. There are some color differences between the inventory and the built model you see in the video and photographs. The inventory uses available Lego parts only. However a very good substitute for the rigid hoses is available (in Europe) from Modulor (the 3.2mm, in white, is what I used for the build). In North America, McMaster offers 3mm hose that should work (I have not tested this). Thanks to user Berthil for pointing me to those sources. The ribbed hoses are available in flat silver, but you can also cut down longer ones from any color (I used trans-light blue for the build).

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Name Seastead Maze
Designer seejay
Designed 2019
Inventory 1034 parts
Theme LEGO Ideas and CUUSOO
Modification of 21305-1 Maze
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