Micro Millennium-Falcon




“She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts, kid.” - Han Solo
"RRRAAARGGGHHH!" - Chewbacca

I’ve been working on this Micro Millennium Falcon for about three years now, she’s evolved from a simple modified Microfighter into a chunky little micro build that is as accurately proportioned as I think I can manage... including an interior!

I tried to include as many of the Falcon’s distinguishing features as I could like the engine vents, turrets, bunk room, smuggled goods and of course Chewie's Dejarik table. At the rear the angled 1x1 slopes were a happy mistake as the outer two help to keep the 'roof' area in place, to open the Falcon up its best to hold the dish and pull it upwards then forwards.

The upper and lower halves of the build interlock so that both top and bottom surfaces are studs-out and there is as much detail on the underside as on top.

Ive added the 2x2 truncated cone with cockpit printing (from set 75193) as an extra piece on the parts list, the Bricklink part code is 98100pb08 but you also have a choice of 98100pb05 (from set 75030). Both sets are sadly retired but the cockpit cones are still available in new condition.

I hope you get as much joy from this little Falcon as I got working on it. Now, Chewie, punch it!

Update v1.1: Thanks to Seejay for pointing out a couple of mistakes in my instructions, the new instructions and parts list fix these errors along with swapping out a few rare parts to reduce the cost little bit.

Update v1.11: A very minor quality update to all of the Stud.io renders and a few improvements to the instructions for clarity. No structural changes :)

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Name Micro Millennium-Falcon
Designer ron_mcphatty
Designed 2019
Inventory 371 parts
Theme Star Wars
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