Model "Trailer Tr1 MkII type T1" is build with LEGO® in scale 1:17,5 and motorized using LEGO® Power Functions. It is not build after a specific brand or type of trailer. This build represents a two axle reefer (refrigerated) trailer with tandem axle slider.

The trailer features: solid axle suspension on all axles, three sets of lights, a kingpin, remotely controlled landing gear and parking break, remotely controlled tandem axle slider, and many details.

Scale: 1:17,5
Length: 826 mm
Weight: 2,78 kg
Parts: 1730

It’s color scheme matches that of „Truck T1 MkII” extremely well and so does its aerodynamic looks. The trailer’s weight is reduced by a light weight constructions of both the walls and roof and also by reducing it’s frame. The „container” is strong enough by itself so the frame is only used to attach necessities. These include the tandem axle slider, Power Functions and landing gear.

Within a couple of weeks two more editions of this very same trailer will be available. First will be type T2 that fits the color scheme of „Truck T2 MkII” just perfect. The third edition, type Tx will have standard "factory" colors to fit any other truck model available or is to be combined with your own truck design.
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