7997-style Modular Railway Station




I built this station with set the 2007 CITY set #7997 in mind. I got the original set in 2007, along with a double rail crossover for my Birthday. I wanted to make it a full building but didn't have the parts. By 2008, I had discovered Bricklink, but the station was in pieces by then and was not re-created until early 2012. The station was a stock set, while I searched for ideas. Eventually, I came across a build by a fellow Eurobricks user named Lazarus that incorporated a modular basis, a full building (street & track-sides) & a appealing design. I saved a picture of it and made my own design based on his. I included really neat features, (such as the arched lattice windows made with a fence) but I went too far and made it impossible to transport to train shows and LUG meetings. The platforms were very flimsy, and during the recent move to my families new house, it shattered into small chunks. So, I went back to the drawing board, scrapping everything but the building itself. Here is the end result, which is strangely near where I started with set #7997. It has one platform, plentiful outside seating on the platform, and is still yellow-and-black. There are many changes from the set, (no stairs on the platform, for example.) but the heart and soul of that 2007 set is still there.

In this latest version, I relocated the clocks to the top of the tower roof so that the design was closer to the original model. I also combined / redid sections of the model, such as the building and trackside awning have become one large section instead of two smaller ones. I even swapped the town-name of this station and my Victorian station, making the one you see here "Barretts" while the other one became "Ironwood".

The modular breakdown of the MOC includes the following:
-Railway Platform
-Track-side Awning with signs + clock
-Station Building (first floor)
-Station roof + Tower control room
-Tower roof
-left platform section
-right platform section
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Name 7997-style Modular Railway Station
Designer Murdoch17
Designed 2015
Inventory 787
Theme Train
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