All Terrain Armored Transport




The All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) is a four-legged heavy combat walker in scale 1:80. Special attention has been taken to accurate scale, robustness, external details, studless design, and natural moving joints. The iconic long and thin legs, the thin body, and the height was the main objectives to keep as accurate and authentic as possible. Even though all affect robustness and stiffness. At the bottom end is the model stiff enough for both display and even some play. 

All surfaces from every angle are carefully designed to amaze, but also give a nice building experience. Also, there are some Easter eggs planted in the model. All bricks are chosen with great respect to availability, color and cost. White bricks (~8%) in the inventory is non color sensitive - color doesn't matter. Spare parts (~8%) in the inventory is used to build hidden areas and movable knee joint (read further below) - parts not necessary for the model entity. 

The body core is rigid and dense built with a semi-technic skeleton fixturing the middle side panels. It is natural to lift and move the model when holding over the middle side panels. This core section is very stiff and can withstand some excessive force during moving or play.

Underneath is the fake moving motor holding the hip joint and the leg attachment. The moving motor is stiff without any moving parts. However, it is quite authentic according to studio models. 

The legs has axial joints for the hip, knee and ankle, and a transverse axial joint for the foot. However, for display and play it is desirable with a fix knee joint. It is possible to change  between fix and moving knee joints - only 1 brick per leg must be replaced. Knee joint does bend approximately ±20° when not fixed. 

The neck and head has one each other a joint for movement. The head is equipped with twin heavy laser cannons on the chin, and medium blasters with sensors on the cheeks.

The front- and aft top panels are openable for a sneak peek of the central unit and power cell area. However, both panels can be fully opened after disassembling of 3 easy attached tiles. 

Overall is the model robust and can easily be moved around (with fixed knee joints), even for play though. The model is actual built and robustness and mechanics are verified and functional. Photos of the actual build can be found in the Bricksafe gallery. Note that last photos showing the fallen AT-AT still has functional legs. Nothing is broken and the AT-AT can easily be position in a walking or standing position within less than a minute. 

The AT-AT goes well together with AT-ST and AT-DP in the same scale. Upon purchase of this MOC, instruction for the AT-DP will be accessible for free. 

Model geometries:
  • Height, 275 mm (10.8 inch)

  • Length, 317 mm (12.5 inch)

  • Width, 92 mm (3.6 inch) 

  • Step-by-step instruction comes as a high quality PDF made from Rebrickable Studio. Instruction comprises 226 building steps covering 134 pages. 

    I would very much appreciate your feedback! Please leave a comment below, and open up some fun and interesting discussions what ever comes to your mind. 

    Final words, thank you Master OneCase for inspiration, and Heromic for the plastic model which this design is based upon. 

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    Name All Terrain Armored Transport
    Designer KBD Design
    Designed 2020
    Inventory 986 parts
    Theme Star Wars
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