Trailer Moc for 42110




Trailer moc for 42110

I have built this trailer in studio io, I built it for a quad I built. It’s about 26 studs in width and just over 55 studs in length not sure of exactly dimensions but similar size to the 42110 Land Rover defender. 

It’s hard to angle technic arms in studio there might be some pins missing, I’m sure you will have a few knocking around and I would like to apologise that instructions aren’t 100% as I would want them and have added some steps Below to assist but please leave comments. 

The Ramps are put in place using connectors that need to be detached to lower them. You could use chains but studio didn’t like them and the ramps were at an angle. I wanted to add a wheel to the front of the tow which I didn’t get round to doing this would be quite easy to do, not so easy in studio. 

Step 5 
Needs 2 x lightish grey pins 

Step 16 

2 x black pins 

Step 40 

Needs 8 black pins to connect together 

Step 87 and 88 

add 2 trans clear red not 1 on both lights (have added the parts list after instructions were produced) 

There are a few steps that doesn’t show where the pins go, should be quite easy to work out. 

It took me some time to create this moc, I am charging a small fee. Any queries on the build let me know In the comments

Please feel free to Modify, and upload pictures. 

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Name Trailer Moc for 42110
Designer Ryan88
Designed 2020
Inventory 325 parts
Theme Technic
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