[Pitch meetring starts]
"Know how you sometimes need to know the exact middle of some line? What if no ruler is available? What if you have a ruler, but the ticks on the ruler are not fine enough? Well, if you have just a bit of Lego, then you're in luck:
"Hold both golden sliders of this model, and slide them so that the two outer needles are on the ends of the line you need to bisect. The middle needle then points to the exact center.
"No calculation necessary, because it is powered by geometry, which states that the bisector of an isosceles triangle is always its perpendicular segment. 
"Thank you, "
[Roaring applause, startup bought by Google which is subsequently bought by Lego.]

On a more serious note, the bisector is composed of the beams and the three needles, but the extra complexity is caused by wanting all needles to be parallel all the time. That's where the contraption with the sliders comes in. I hope you agree this solution is rather elegant.
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Name Bisector
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2020
Inventory 41 parts
Theme Technic > Model
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