Saturn V Mobile launcher




I love space discoveries and history. The Lego ideas Saturn V 21309 is a masterpiece. I just found that it was missing his big, tall red launcher. So I decided to built it from the London Bus 10258. Try this out, the two works perfectly well together. The footbridge moves exactly has on the real one. The crane at the top is rotating and his stable.

I was able to replicate it as best as i could. The scale is pretty much respected. But be careful when building it when it become tall, easy to hook..

The real one:
[img]<a data-flickr-embed[/img]" />

The LEGO copy:

The astronaut ready to go:
[img]<a data-flickr-embed[/img]" />
The stable base:
[img]<a data-flickr-embed[/img]" />
The footbridges and crane rotated, rocket ready for launch:
[img]<a data-flickr-embed[/img]" />

This design is the intellectual property of Benoit Pelletier.

As a copyrighted design, all rights belong solely to Benoit Pelletier. Any resale of these items, without express permission from Benoit Pelletier is an act of fraud and will result in legal action.

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Name Saturn V Mobile launcher
Designer BennyBenster
Designed 2018
Inventory 1211 parts
Theme LEGO Ideas and CUUSOO
Alternate Build of 10258-1 London Bus
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