10220 VW Pickup




#KeepOnBricking LEGO Creator Expert set 10220 alternate moc model VW PICKUP

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Name 10220 VW Pickup
Designer Keep On Bricking
Designed 2020
Inventory 713 parts
Theme Creator > Creator Expert
Alternate Build of 10220-1 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van


  • 4 weeks ago NKubate Level 15 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    This is such a great alternative model to complement the official model: fits perfectly because they are both so classic and authentic! I was wondering though if there is a particular reason why you decided not to reuse any of the transparent windows. I think you could have implemented some with a bit more tinkering around...
    • 3 weeks, 5 days ago Keep On Bricking Level 30 Designed this MOC PRO
      Thank You! I thought about integrating the transparent pieces however decided that they would mix up the proportions I intended to have!
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