Willis Tower




This is a mid-sized recreation of the Willis Tower (originally known as Sears Tower) from Chicago in a 1:1400 scale. 

It is scaled to accompany my Chrysler Building MOC, as well as the Empire State Building by Jussi Koskinen, with the idea being that all three models have roughly the same height, rather than scale. 

General Information:
Piece Count: 587 pcs
Size (appx.): 8x8x37cm
Piece Cost: ~$80 (Jan-2020)

Willis Tower is the most prominent landmark of the Chicago Skyline with its dark glass facade, and its blocky column design. This design is captured by a mix of black and trans-black plates, interrupted by all black brick sections where the technical levels break up the continuous design. 
The model is scaled to correct proportions based on a column width of 2x2 studs. 
On the ground floor is the former lobby and a stylized version of the big globe scupture. 
The roof platforms feature small details of technic greebling as can be seen on original photos. 
A special highlight is the characteristic double antenna with its four smaller antennae surrounding them. 

Credit goes to Brickitecture.eu's bigger version of the model for inspiring the idea to include some of the ground level surroundings and details. 

Inventory notes:
Rare/special pieces are the "Willis Tower" nameplate, the white HP wands for the antennae, the metallic silver ball joint, and some of the medium dark flesh elements on the ground level. Except for the nameplate, there are no overly rare / expensive pieces used.
Due to the compact design, there are no arbitrarily-colored elements in this model. 

Building Instructions:
The Instructions for this model come as a compact 19-page PDF manual with an XML parts list for bricklink.com. 

Additional pictures on flickr.

I hope you enjoy this model as much as I do.
Additional pictures can be found on my Flickr page.

Please feel free to comment & like, but most importantly: Have fun! :)

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Name Willis Tower
Designer TOPACES
Designed 2020
Inventory 587 parts
Theme Architecture
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