S-113 Viper designed by Jon Hall




Jon Hall is a fantastic designer who seamlessly blends WW2 fighter craft with diesel punk elements to create gorgeous looking aircraft. With his permission we have been able to bring you the instructions so you can build your own models of his designs.

This is his description of the S-113 Viper,

"After Heliconia was invaded, several of its border cities which were important industrial centres were lost. Heliconian High Command comissioned several new planes to respond to this threat, one of which was the Viper. Designed to be made quickly, by hand, with materials readily available, the frame was a monocoque construction with wooden composite covering, making it both light and strong. Vipers would be scrambled to defend Heliconian airspace and prevent further incursions into their country. In this respect they were a great success, their speed and powerful weaponry making short work of any enemy fighters and bombers they encountered."

The professional quality instructions are 104 pages long, and include a page that you can print out to create your own decals.

The Viper measures 36.6cm (13.4") x 27.5cm (10.8") x 9.3cm (3.7")

There are four colour variants of the Viper available. While the original colour is rather expensive to build, the other options are more affordable.

Please note:  This is an expert level design. Some of the techniques Jon uses are unconventional and may require some brick bending or other such advanced techniques.

You can find more of Jon Hall's work here https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/with/7587556820/https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/with/7587556820/

If you are interested in having instructions produced or have a custom Lego design done you can contact me via Playwell Brick's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AwesomeLegoDad/

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Name S-113 Viper designed by Jon Hall
Designer Playwell Bricks
Designed 2020
Inventory 463 parts
Theme Creator > Model
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