4888 Submarine Iota 02




This model is based on an advanced idea from the instructions book. Because of the size and complexity of the model you only get a good grasp of one side and most of the top side from the picture. Especially the middle section and the backend are a mystery. At a certain point I decided that I had the basic structure right but that I should follow my own course to make it work well. I didn't want any improvisations like I had to for the Iota 01. So I call this model more than 50% my own. I have still tried to follow the basic outlook as much as possible. The downside of that choice was that the middle section is not constructed as solid as I would like to. While the finished middle sections feels solid, one cannot set it up in a linear way to get the top section fixed. However, I consider that a minor issue.

Solving the backend was that hardest part. Following the pattern of symmetry that Lego always makes a core part of its designs I decided that the sections on the left and right would work best if they were detachable submersibles. By making that choice I could define the middle section as a submersible of its own and that as a result it should be designed to stand on its own as a submersible. With that choice I could structure the central submersible as if having a kind of docking bay. The submersible would have a T-shape with its propellers on the outer extension. This would allow me to solve the backend problem so that the final result would resemble the picture from the instructions quite closely. To make it structurally more sound I did modify it a bit and I also wanted it to look better without the left and right sections if the submersibles were detached.

Nothing was given for the underside and lower front of the central submersible. Here I decided to make thing difficult for myself. As the central section was wide enough I added a hatch on the underside and put the cockpits on the underside so there could be downwards viewing and an additional curved element in the shape. The complication was its attachment to the lower front section. To make it a standalone submersible I needed to add more transparent parts. The picture had added extensions on the top and bottom. This made it had to attach it solidly to the main body. It took a bit of puzzling to work out a good solution.

While having spent a lot of time on the central submersible I did need to work on the detachable submersibles to make them work on their own. While Lego sometimes is a bit lazy on that part, I'm not like that. The two submersibles are very symmetrical and basically exchangeable. I extended the single side thrusters so they would cover the technic brick more and simply because I could and it looked better than the crude one from the picture. Having a single thruster on the side would not really work for an independent submersible, but there was still the back of the submersible where nothing was decided yet. I was a bit of a puzzle to include a pair of thrusters inside in a way that fit smoothly while keeping things consistant. They had to be positioned in such a way that the submersible could still connect to the central submersible smoothly. I am quite pleased with the result.

While a single picture doesn't always say everything about a model, the result is very striking and I like it a lot. There are many interesting sections and it is a quite solid model. The single picture is however almost identical to the one of the instructions book, so you'll have to check the ldd file to find out what the rest of the model looks like.
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Name 4888 Submarine Iota 02
Designer drosse
Designed 2020
Inventory 332 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4888-1 Ocean Odyssey
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