Welcome my International Lonestar Truck!

It's dimensions are:
- Lengh: 101 stud or 80 cm
- Width: 31 studs or 25 cm without mirrors
- High: 37 studs or 30 cm excluding antennas and exhaust pipes.
It consists of more than 5600 Lego parts, including 9 motors.

It has:
- Great Charbel's 8 speed gearbox, modified by me to the 16 speed one by adding high/low gear to the main output. It has a special shifter. It's all RC.
- Independant powerfull pneumatic brakes on each wheel. Inspired by Sheepo's Peterbilt.
- Pneumatically controlled fifth wheel.
- Independant suspencion on front and dependant one on the rear axles.
- Suspended driver's and passenger's seats, doors with locks and shock absorbers.
- Detalized interior.
- Inline 6 cylinder engine like the real truck.

Enjoy the pictures please, I hope some video will apear nowadays.

Part kist DO NOT include:
-Pneumatic hoses:

12x 2.5cm
1x 3,5cm
2x 4cm
1x 5,5cm
1x 6,5cm
2x 8cm
1x 10cm
3x 12,5cm
1x 19cm
2x 23cm
2x 27cm
1x 33cm
1x 37cm
1x 43,5cm
1x 48cm



Name Custom ENDOR Landingplatform + Trees for Star Wars
Designed 2012
Parts 4856
Theme Star Wars
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