Clone Wars Separatist AAT




Those pesky clones won't stop us this time!

The AAT is definitely one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles, and it was something I desperately wanted in my collection. The only problem was that the official sets made this sleek and powerful tank look derpy and completely out of proportion. So... I made it myself, with all of the love and attention to detail you would want in a scale representation of one of your favorite vehicles. 

  •      This model features: 360 degree rotating turret and movable main cannon. Spring loaded missiles are incorporated into the sponson weapon arrays to make this tank a formidable opponent on the studded battlefront, with ammunition storage under the deck. It is also finely balanced so that it can sit on the diameter of a single stud, giving the appearance of it hovering across your display shelf with absolutely minimal support . Commander's hatch can be positioned open or closed, and the upper half of a battle droid can be clipped into place for the 'unbuttoned' appearance. 
  •      This is the AAT I've always wanted and have been designing and refining for about a year now. It is as accurate and sturdy as I can make it, and I honestly think this vehicle has never been better captured in Lego than it has here. 
  •      PLEASE NOTE: I am very new to making instructions with, but have done my best. They may be a little longer than they should be, but I believe they are completely usable to build this model. ALSO: Instructions are for the MOC in the renders, the actual photos are of the model as I built it over a year ago. Some pieces are changed.

YOU WILL RECEIVE downloadable PDF full color instructions and a suggested parts list. I cannot guarantee all parts will be available for sale at all times. It is recommended that you order the parts you need from Bricklink or somewhere similar. The MOC is less than 500 parts, so an expected cost is around $50~60 for all of the pieces not including shipping.

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Name Clone Wars Separatist AAT
Designer ClydeChestnut
Designed 2020
Inventory 484 parts
Theme Star Wars > Star Wars Clone Wars
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