Black Interceptor




Black Interceptor / Pursuit Special / V8 Interceptor. 

This Wounded Beast is published in cooperation with Nikolay Gamurar and Mikhail Biktimirov.

The Last of the V8 Interceptors, also known as a “Pursuit Special”, is driven by Maxwell "Mad Max" Rockatansky at the end of Mad Max and for the first half of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. It is based on an Australian built 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Hardtop, which was heavily modified to become a police interceptor by the Main Force Patrol. 

The third and the shortest appearance of the car was in Mad Max: Fury Road which was the inspiration for the Lego version of the legend.

At first, Mikhail introduced it on social media for the LEGENDARY CARS FROM LEGENDARY MOVIES contest in the independent community "AHD Motors" Russia.

I immediately fell in love in this creation and decided to modify it to better match the third version from Fury Road with the help of Mikhail.

We have spent a lot of time: Mikhail on the design and me on modifications of the model and creation of the instructions. Hope you will enjoy the build and the actual model. Thank you!

Technical Details:

- Control: PF IR / Sbrick / Buwizz / CaDA / MouldKing

PF IR: 9V Battery Box 84599 or 64228 Rechargeable / 9V Battery Box 87513c01 + Receiver V2 58123bc01.  NOT included in the part list

- Drive: PF 2 L motors, rear-wheel drive

- Steering: PF M motor

- Rear solid axle leaf suspension

- Independent front suspension

- Openable doors and hood

- 2-seater saloon

- Easily removable baggage

- Wide rear tire

More pictures:[email protected]/albums/72157713075385912

Do NOT be shocked by the total price. This is because of black rare parts that can be replaced.
Black Axle Pins (Item no: 43093) can be changed to blue ones to reduce the price, but if you decided to buy black ones do not use Auto-select / Buy All buttons on Buy it separately, it will be cheaper. Same goes to Pins 1/2 (Item no: 4274, already changed to Light Bluish Gray color in the part list), Pins 3L with Friction Ridges Lengthwise (Item no: 6558).

For better look of the pipes it is recommended to use at least 8 Axle Pins in black color.

Without rare black parts that I listed above the price is around 230 USD without shipping. 

These parts are extra and not included in the part list:
String, Net 8 x 16 Rectangle (Item no: bb0068),
String, Net 10 x 10 Square (Item no: 71155),
Cloth Sail Tattered Long with 4 Round Holes and 6 Ripped Holes (Item no: 32652),
Cloth Sail Tattered Short with 2 Round Holes and 5 Ripped Holes (item no: 32653),
Rubber Band Medium (Square Cross Section) Thin Cut (Item no: x137)

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Name Black Interceptor
Designer NikolayFX
Designed 2020
Inventory 1510 parts
Theme Technic > Expert Builder
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