4888 Submarine Omicron 01




While this model could serve as a kind of odd space ship I think it works best as a unique kind of submersible. I had already done an attempt for a hexagonal shape but couldn't get it to work as I wanted. I thus let it go but it stayed in the back of my head while I worked on other ideas. The breakthrough, if one can call it that, came when I decided to opt for the eight length technic brick and use the technique which the Lego digital designer doesn't like by attaching the inverted roof tiles with the hinge parts. As these require an odd attachment the technic brick offers an ideal solution. I wanted to add the exhausts so it was the best choice to put them at the end. I could only make four identical ones and as I knew I needed a central axis for the central section, that was fine. I added the transparent bricks to serve as windows when the extensions were folded. For the axis extensions I had to use a different setup so I went for the most solid option, as using just one hinged brick connector would make it weak. I put the transparent brick on the outside this time, which allowed the hinge to go the other way.

With the outer sections done I went for the interior. I already knew I wanted to add the large domed fronts but I needed a strong axis to keep everything in place. With the basic cockpit and the axis done I could work on the top and bottom parts of the central section. From my earlier rendition I had liked the idea of using four sets of round bricks on both sides. The only downside was that they weren't strongly attached to I had to put something on their sides to make these sides stronger. On the top it was easy but on the bottom it needed some different. I had already added two four length bricks with sideways studs. This proved to be the ideal place to add the two leftover inverted roof tiles. They fit perfectly. After this it was just a matter of enriching them with available parts.

What surprised me about this model was that my approach to use the minimal amount of parts for each component worked out perfectly. In my earlier attempt I had soon run out of the necessary parts to keep things together and the whole thing became a mishmash. In this case I still used the necessary parts but somehow I made the right choices of where to use them or not. Rarely I came to a moment where I lacked the parts to work out what I intended to do. In a few cases I replaced some parts so I could use one in a better place, but overall it all fell into place.

I rarely add extra pictures but considering the unusual shape and size of the model a single picture couldn't capture all the interesting details. Most of all this model has two modes. When all outer sections are in line with the hexagonal construct it represents a stationary position. In the second mode all hinge components are folded to the back or front, mimicking a moving position. Both modes look exceptional.

While I was quite done with the model and enjoying it thoroughly there were still some parts left and I decided to make a few extra small submersibles for the fun of it. The so-called B-model is a dual proppelled submersible. I lacked the parts for a complete enclosure of the sections but it still looks quite well. The most interesting components are the two guns which are attached in a different way then what one might think. The so-called C-model is very basic but very pleasing to look at it. It bare some similarities to earlier small submersibles I made, but as these are extras, it's okay to make some variations on a theme. Considering their small sizes I decided not to set them aside as separate but include them with the A-model.
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Name 4888 Submarine Omicron 01
Designer drosse
Designed 2020
Inventory 471 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4888-1 Ocean Odyssey
Fiat 500 Exclusive
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