The Master Sword / Dark Link Sword [OoT] - The Legend of Zelda MOC




The Master Sword, the legendary blade of evil's bane, used not only to vanquish evil but also to seal it away.

Modeled after the version found in Ocarina of Time, including the dark version wielded by Dark Link in the Water Temple. Each sword's pedestal features a micro-Hyrule based on the same game. The original pedestal has Hyrule as young Link experiences it; the Dark version features Hyrule as adult Link finds it (after Ganondorf rises to power).

Hyrule alterations:
-Hyrule Castle replaced by Ganon's Castle
-Castle town in ruins
-Death Mountain's red smoke ring around the peak
-Withered Deku Tree
-General darker theme using darker colors

*The parts list displayed through Rebrickable includes only the regular version. The download file includes separate parts list for each sword plus a combined parts list with both of them.

Build Contains 773 pieces total (both swords):
-Master Sword, 384 pieces
-Dark Link Sword, 389 pieces

Measurements for each sword (with base):
Inches: 4.4 x 3.1 x 11.9
Centimeters: 11.2 x 7.9 x 30.3

Download Includes:
-Instructions (PDF) for both versions
-Parts List (PDF) for each sword separately + combined
-Bricklink Upload File (BSX) for each sword separately + combined

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Name The Master Sword / Dark Link Sword [OoT] - The Legend of Zelda MOC
Designer SkywardBrick
Designed 2020
Inventory 384 parts
Theme Other
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