MINI Cooper F56 2016 | 42056 B-model | MOD




This model of a 2016 MINI Cooper F56 is published in cooperation with James Tillson who has designed the MOC and I have created the 3D-model, the step by step instructions and the digital renders.

This MOC contains black stripes modification instructions of  MOC - MINI Cooper F56 2016 | 42056 B-model.

Change log
- 02.02.2020: Fixed bug spotted by Miragent where step 488 contained 4 x black 60483 instead of the correct 4 x orange 60483. Many thanks for reporting this Miragent!

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Enjoy the build, we appreciate any feedback!
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Name MINI Cooper F56 2016 | 42056 B-model | MOD
Designer GeyserBricks
Designed 2020
Inventory 11 parts
Theme Technic > Model
Modification of MOC-36559 MINI Cooper F56 2016 | 42056 B-model
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