4888 Submarine Kappa 01A




For this model the intent was to create a submarine in the shape of a sea creature, in this case a squid. Creating a proper squid would be possible but that will require a different approach which I may try another time. The subtle difference with a proper creature is that the tentacles end in guns and that this is thus a military vessel.

The starting point for this model was the front, or top, of the squid. I wanted to make a proper onion shape and the point would be the hardest if I did it later. Its base plate would determine the rest of the shape. I had already envisioned using the transparent dome fronts to mimic the curvature on two sides. There was little choice but use the curved roof bricks for the other two sides, but as these are far larger in length than the dome fronts this required me to extend the body at least to the same length. That didn't bother me much as I still had plenty of parts to get there and I wanted a second par of sideways studded bricks to attach the curved bricks to so they would be more sturdy. So it was basically finding the right combination of parts to decrease the size of the body gradually. I also still needed a good spot to attach the tentacles (or arms) but the right spot opened pretty much where I would have liked to. All in all, there were no real complications. I could find the right parts everytime where I needed them. Using six exhausts was not particularly planned for, but this fitted best in the shape I had been following.

The arms (or tentacles) were the most complicated section of the model. I wanted them to be identical, simply because that looks good and symmetry just works better, although it would not be terrible if I had to use some variations. Fortunately the set has multiples of four of many parts so there is a good chance to work it out. Quickly on I decided that just having a single long arm was boring and more hinge elements should be used. The best option was to add guns. This would give the arms a more pointy end and make it the model look more deadly. Figuring out how to attach it properly and make the shape fitting was hard. In the end I came to the solution which it is now. After I tested the strength of the arms I made a few more additional modifications.

The final model is very pleasing to look at. It captures the shape of a squid wonderfully and while the tentacles have some limitation in their moveability it is effective enough. It will certainly inspire me to try more sea creature shaped submarines.
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Name 4888 Submarine Kappa 01A
Designer drosse
Designed 2020
Inventory 309 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4888-1 Ocean Odyssey
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