4888 Submarine Kappa 02




I didn't plan for another submarine based on a sea creature but this is where inspiration lead me. While this looks much like another squid or octopus the aim was for a jellyfish, which is the reason why I tried to included a many transparent parts as possible. The sole reason why this build identifies as a jellyfish is the inner section. Two main tentacles are attached from the center instead of the outside. The build structure is also very different from a squid or octopus. The bottom includes four stepped levels of quarter clockwise stacked inverted roof tiles turning in on each other which means the center of the model is hollow, which is something that is more like a jellyfish. The hollow interior contains two control centers for each of the two central tentacles. While things were sturdy enough with the stacked inverted roof tiles I had plenty of parts left to make the center as sturdy as possible.

For the model I actually only started with the top two stepped levels to make sure I could achieve the main body. It required a bit of creative building. The body is quite squarish, but I didn't really have the parts to do otherwise. I did manage to extend the middle parts on each side. To make the whole as sturdy as possible I used all the long bricks to make a strong frame. I was not sure what to do with the top section. I had a roof but I could make it fairly flat or try to extend it. I went for the first option first but I didn't like how it would lay out. As a result I went for the extended top. I made it as wide as possible, trying to maintain a degree of symmetry on all sides. It was a gradual build-up of parts, trying some ideas until I got to the current setup. It is pretty interesting and has a nice look to it.

The final stage was adding all the tentacles. I quickly discovered that the interior was only large enough to hold two tentacles. That would not do. So I started to add all eight exhausts on the available spots because each has a hole which I could connect something to. From there it was easy going. I fiddled a bit with the final two mini-tentacles. It is still a jellyfish so the tentacles can look a bit menacing.

The completed model is able to stand on its tentacles, which is quite nice, although it can fall down easily as well. The design has many interesting features which is why I liked it. I would have liked the body to be less blocky, but one has to do with the parts that are available. Unfortunately the Lego Digital Designer had quite some problems with the unusual and intricate design. Its' building instructions are a bit of a mess.
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Name 4888 Submarine Kappa 02
Designer drosse
Designed 2020
Inventory 368 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4888-1 Ocean Odyssey
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