4888 Space Rocket




I already had an idea to make something like this since the Submarine Alpha 01B, with which it shares some similarities. To make a classic space rocket the model would need four large stabilizer fins. As the set lack proper parts to do them I would need to improvise and be creative. A greater challenge would be attaching them to the central rocket.

It became quickly clear to me that it would be easiest to attach the fins to the big engine, which has convenient connector holes to its sides.It would also be easier to position the big engine centrally so that the fins would equally distant to the main rocket. I was not sure how well the big engine would be attached so I added an extra interior connection to make it more structurally sound to the whole. I tried a few configuration but it was clear to me I wanted to add some extra exhausts. Adding them to the fins would not be stable enough so in the end I put two sideways of the big engine. This also allowed me to connect the fins via the spare connector hole of the exhausts.

For the fins I had early on decided that a T-structure with technic parts would work best as I would be difficult to connect them in a good way to the main rocket. The fins themselves required to be as identical as possible. It took multiple attempts to get to something that had sufficient smoothness and was also structurally solid. I could not obtain my ideal setup, as I was simply lacking parts and did not want to sacrifice good sections to make it work. So it was a matter of improvisation to make something that would draw the attention to the good looking bits so the less looking bits were not bothersome. I am pretty satisfied with the result, considering the limitation of the parts. The fins are not as stable as their function is supposed to be, but it holds well enough and the model thus works best as a display piece. It gives the right vibe and certainly has the charm I was looking for.
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Name 4888 Space Rocket
Designer drosse
Designed 2020
Inventory 203 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4888-1 Ocean Odyssey
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