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Hi there!

This is the 11th work of my LEGO Frame Project:  The alternate build of official set 75953 - Hogwarts Whomping Willow!  If you have the set, you don't need any extra part but only an IKEA Ribba 23cm x23cm photo frame to build this MOC!

The idea of my LEGO Frame project comes from the situation that displaying an official set at home needs too much space.  When a new set comes, the old set have to go.  However, instead of putting the old set back to its box, would it be a good idea to reduce it into a photo frame and hang it on wall?  Displaying a photo frame needs minimal space and one can keep it free from dust!

The official set has three components: the castle, the car and the willow.  This MOC only uses the parts of the castle meaning that you can still keep the car and the tree and put them somewhere else. 

If you have extra parts in hand or going to buy some parts to improve the stability, I also build a Set B for you.  In which some parts are added for the floors and the backdrop, and the moon in sky!  You may see below pictures for the parameters and some samples of both the building instructions:

There was valuable opinon preferring a frame built by LEGO instead of an IKEA frame.  So I made a photo frame MOC with similar size of the IKEA's.  The building instructions for the photo frame MOC is available HERE.  Below are the rendered images for this Hogwarts frame being put into a LEGO frame.

Set A in LEGO frame (blue background)
Set B in LEGO frame
(dark bluish gray background)

In the download, you may find four files:
1) 78-page PDF Building Instructions for Set A
2) 81-page PDF Building Instructions for Set B
3) A part list in txt format for Set B extra parts only (faciliating you to order parts at Bricklink.com.  On March 14, 2020, ordering extra parts at Bricklink costs about US$13.8 not inlcuding shipping fee.  Please note the price at Bricklink can fluctuate a lot with time.)
4) A PDF Gudie on purchasing parts at Bricklink.com (since one needs only 54 extra parts of 13 lots for set B, one may also order the parts at Pick-a-brick at LEGO Official site or retail shop at your city if you are not famailiar with Bricklink.)

If you like the Frame idea, please leave me a comment and let me know which theme you would like for my next work! You are also invited to visit my other frame works where you can find some free-to-downloads:
LEGO Photo Frame Project by beewiks

Lastly, I wish I could have your support to let me continue my LEGO Frame project so that I can build more and share the instructions for free or for a little premium.  Thank you very much!

I hope you enjoy this MOC!

Below are some works by other lego lovers:

is a sample by taotaowuyai0408 who added some parts for floors but not building the backdrop.  In addition, he puts a picture of Hogwarts castle with starry sky behind which matches the MOC very well!

By taotaowuyai0408 who added some parts for floors but not building the backdrop.  In addition, he puts a picture of Hogwarts castle with starry sky behind which matches the MOC very well!
By montycrabapple. As told, the tree and car are untouched and you can display them with the frame. Thanks Mike!


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Name Harry Potter in photo frame
Designer beewiks
Designed 2020
Inventory 393 parts
Theme Harry Potter
Alternate Build of 75953-1 Hogwarts Whomping Willow
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