Imperial Troop Transport (as seen in The Mandalorian)




The two last Chapters of the Mandalorian were pretty intense and by the end of Chapter 7, everything is really looking bleak, and then this vehicles shows up, unleashes more Stormtroopers and makes it even worse...

There have been several versions of Transport like this, the most famous being in SW Rebels, but this version is pretty different, and I wanted to MoC it properly.

As usual I went for :
- as minifig-scale as I could
- as detailed and accurate as I could
- as stud-less as I could

It can fit 2 pilots + 1 officer + 6 Stormtroopers on the sides + 12 to 15 Stormtroopers inside. It also has clips for 18 guns inside.
The 6 side doors and the rear door open as in the show.

More numbers !
- 741 pieces,
- 450 grams (16oz),
- Lenght : 30 cm (11.8 in),
- Width : 12.7 cm (5 in),
- Height : 9.3 cm (3.7 in),
- between 80 USD and 100 USD for the pieces,
- 7CAD (5USD) for the instructions

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Name Imperial Troop Transport (as seen in The Mandalorian)
Designer papaglop
Designed 2020
Inventory 741 parts
Theme Star Wars
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