Kumihimo Braiding Machine




An automated Lego braiding machine, based on traditional Japanese 7 reels Kumihimo braiding to create a braid, mechanically programmed.

More info on dedicated article on my website (context, development, functions, tips and tricks, pictures). 

You can see a sample of the 487 pages instructions : 

Regarding the black rubber band ref rb00167, I used pony tail Ø15mm rubber band, you can use other rubber band as long as there are more elastic than the 85543 (it has to prevent the free rotation of the reel but not lock it when you pull it slightly).

Regarding the reels, I recommend DMC thread for the quality but you can test with other brand or raw material.

Please watch this video of how to set up after building the machine.

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Name Kumihimo Braiding Machine
Designer Nico71
Designed 2020
Inventory 2137 parts
Theme Technic
Lego Pirate Adventure
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