MOC HC20 Rhino




Too many gray pieces from those Star Wars sets in your collection? Time to make a SPACESHIP!!!

The Rhino, considered by many to be a relic of a bygone era, is still a pillar of interplanetary trade lines to this day. Modular in its design, this spaceship packs a punch when its four engines are set to full thrust and can easily propel itself out of the atmosphere of even massive planets.

Unlike the MOC TEV3 Enforcer, the older Rhino does not comply with newer construction regulations and so the internal reactor does not have a built in hook ring. Instead you must install one whenever maintenance is performed on the ship to be able to pull out the reactor.

Difficulty: Expert
Construction Steps: 179
Pages: 172

About the build: Using the sharp angles and stud surfaces provided by the plates, this MOC draws inspiration from some of the 80’s aesthetics and incorporates them into its design. The interior is built on a frame to reduce some of the weight. Large modules are connected to the main body frame using Technic pins allowing for you to design your own cargo modules. Originally designed in 2016, but upgraded before release in 2020 hence the name: “Heavy Cargo 20”.
  • Retractable landing struts.
  • Sits 1 mini-figure.
  • Hidden Reactor.

Before you buy:
  • Verify the parts inventory and make sure that you have the pieces required to complete the build.
  • The instructions are created and exported into a ".PDF" file, it is your responsibility to find a suitable program for opening the file.
  • A sample page is included in the description for your consideration.

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Name MOC HC20 Rhino
Designer RenderMOC
Designed 2020
Inventory 709 parts
Theme Space
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