Fake / Pseudo Servo




A Pseudo / fake Servo motor for use in MOCs which uses a Servo, but you don't intend to use it, since the Servo is sometimes used as an integral part of the model itself and most times can't be omited.
This replacement has the exact same dimensions and mounting points as a Power Functions Servo, only the bottom is full 3 studs wide instead of curved. Should not be a problem for most MOCs, as the room of the curve is rarely filled.
Full pass-through of an axle in the middle, but there is a red axle bush (3713) in there you can include to hold an axle in place. I recommend leaving it out, because it can tilt by accident and block the pass-through.

Build using cheap parts I had lying around. I tried to replicate the light/dark bluish color scheme of an original Serve, but most part colors were chosen for low pricing.

Instructions PDF made with studio 2.0.
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Name Fake / Pseudo Servo
Designer Crazy_Borg
Designed 2020
Inventory 44 parts
Theme Technic > Supplemental
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