Science Convoy




The Science Convoy was designed on alpha-station after a review of the initial scans of the base moon revealed interesting mineral deposits but also strange local storm systems, hot water geysers etc. As all other science equipment / vehicle is mainly used for off-planet activities, it was decided to set-up a self-standing unit that allows to explore base moon in more details. Together the Mobile Mining Station (still in construction) and the Science Convoy have the explicit task to do the research on base moon.
  • Used to explore the moon that is home to alpha-base
  • Allows to built-up a research outpost complete with

    • Power Generator (Less Solar Power on Night Side)

    • Communication and Science Station

    • Science Lab with sound rocket launch pad

  • Allows to built up a local camp for several days / weeks due to independent power generator
  • The Communication and Science Lab manages the communication and data transfer with Science Lab, but the radar dishes also allow to scan the atmosphere with microwave scans.
  • The Main Science Lab allows a first analysis of collect data and mineral samples.
  • The small launch pad allows to launch a sounding rocket to either perform further ranging surface scans for mineral deposits or, in conjunction with the microwave scanners, an better location atmospheric scan.
  • The cockpit and Rear Trailer have the main engines to drive the Convoy forward
  • The Mid Trailer has a smaller engine pack, the side mount of the engines ensures that no harm is done to the system behind the engine
  • The Mid and Rear Trailer have scanning systems that allow to scan the ground and atmosphere while driving.
  • The coupling system between the trailers allows energy generated by the Power Generator also to flow while driving
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Name Science Convoy
Designer Raumfahrer
Designed 2019
Inventory 684 parts
Theme Space > Classic Space
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