Pieceout was a civilian Autobot scientist researching alternative energy on Cybertron. During this time, the Autobots were at war with the Decepticons in a conflict that had depleted most of the planet’s natural Energon resources. His best friend and mentor, Bumblebee, was an Autobot scout who joined the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, and his team aboard the Ark on a mission to find new sources of Energon. Unfortunately, both the ship and crew were lost shortly after takeoff in a surprise attack by the Decepticons. With the Decepticons now in control of Cybertron, Pieceout left with the remaining Autobots, spending the next four million years exploring new worlds and fighting for survival.

Following a mysterious signal that he hoped would lead to the lost Ark, Pieceout traveled to a remote solar system. While scanning the third planet, a sudden solar storm and its interaction with the magnetosphere fouled the navigational and guidance systems of his small ship, resulting in a crash landing. His ship was beyond repair, severing all communications and hope of escape or rescue.

According to the local lifeforms, Pieceout was on Earth in an area called San Francisco in the year 1968. They called themselves hippies, and welcomed Pieceout into their community. Among these beings, Pieceout rediscovered his long lost beliefs of peaceful and nonviolent solutions to problems. In order to remain with his newfound friends and avoid drawing unnecessary attention, he adopted the disguise of one of their common transportation vehicles, called a hippie van.

Sixteen years later, in 1984, a volcanic eruption revealed the location of the Ark. This disturbance revived the Autobots and Decepticons on board, renewing the war between the two factions. Pieceout was once again reunited with Bumblebee and the other Autobots. However, instead of rejoining their cause, Pieceout chose to remain in a more passive role, continuing his energy research and employing nonviolent methods to assist his friends.

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Name Pieceout
Designer Perijove
Designed 2015
Inventory 360 parts
Theme Creator > Mecha
Old Trafford
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