K8005 - Modular Bookshop




It’s a corner modular bookshopand it has been designed in the early 2013 and built. It's been yet displayed
in some of the italian events I took part.
It all started with the photo of abuilding placed in New York, initially I was trying to catch the curved facade
and I spent many evenings trying to find the right inclination...

As in many other modular buildings, it has a shopin the lower floor and a house in the higher. I decided to put my acronym in
the rear like it was a graffity, actually I was looking for a more
"flowing" sign, but it was the best I can obtain in such a narrow
I created a watch for walkways... I'm satisfied with it, but I'm waiting TLG to produce some brackets in white...
The bookshop has its shelves with plentyof books and some displaying bench. In the rear there's a little bathroom.
In the higher floors there's the houseof the shop's owner, so we can see his wife going out on the terrace... At the
first floor I've put a dining room and kitchen.
Going upstair, there's a little hallwith couch and TV, obviously a bookcase and a bathroom with a snotted bathtub .
Trying to maximize the available space,I decided to add a floor as a loft where I put the bedroom. There'sa narrow and steep staircase to reach it.
On the roof I decided to draw a coloredskylight and I built a TV antenna.

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Name K8005 - Modular Bookshop
Designer kevin8
Designed 2013
Parts 3920
Theme Modular Buildings
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