A WWII era prototype superheavy tank based on the concepts from World War I trench warfare.

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Name TOG II (RC)
Designer TommyStyrvoky
Designed 2016
Inventory 1005
Theme Technic
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Submitted by MRKBerlin Aug. 16, 2018
My Modification. Two Reasons: i haven't got enough tracks... and definitely not enough tan-coloured parts. After I managed to fit both IR receiver and motors into the smaller hull I began thinking about modding the tower a little bit in order to allow the gun to tilt up and down... the more I modded, the more deviated my gun tower from the original TOC, resulting into a kind of StarWars-like double barrel blaster. So why not change the model's theme altogether into a kind of "imperial occupation units commandeering and modifying a primitive vehicle for their own puroposes"-theme ... There's a good reason why the guy with the huge  hammer looks as if he would rather dismantle the vehicle instead of riding in its hot and crammy interior   ;-)
Submitted by MRKBerlin Aug. 16, 2018
Submitted by MRKBerlin Aug. 16, 2018