I'm updating the design. The new version will have at least ten upgrade, and most of the parts that use the prototype car, the replacement parts can be used in the design of the trailer.

Free, classic, although there are only ten bricks of the width, but the MOC is equipped with a L motor, a servo motor, a receiver and a battery box. And the interior of the engine compartment is also consistent with the prototype car. The drawing is a version of the LDD file and is expected to appear more modified versions.

*I use the Mac version of LDD (4.3.9), but the site of the parts analysis engine is 4.2.5, so the loss of a lot of parts, please refer to the LDD document!

Processing Compressed LDD file (LXF)
Using Encoding ascii
Loading File
Format: LDD
Using ldraw.xml: MG beta 4.27 [email protected] LDD 4.2.5 Brick ver 604.1 Rebrickable 2015-06-25
Color Maps: 116
Brick Maps: 0
Decoration Maps: 0
Final file part count = 453
File loaded successfully.
Merging parts 2429 (2),2430 (2), (0) into 73983
Merging parts 2429 (1),2430 (1), (0) into 73983
There were errors or warnings processing the file as shown below.
Loaded 449 of 453 parts to MOC-5476.
Part 3070 changed to 3070b
Part 6562 changed to 3749
Part 6538 changed to 6538b
Part 3069 changed to 3069b
Part 3794 changed to 3794a
Part 2412 changed to 2412b
Part 2436 changed to 10201
Part 10152 not recognised
Part 10095 not recognised
Part 50746 changed to 54200
Part 32123 changed to 32123b
Part 2555 changed to 12825
Part 10130 not recognised
Part 3070 changed to 3070b
Part 3062 changed to 3062b
Part 10089 not recognised
Part 4032 changed to 4032a
Part 4081 changed to 4081b
Part 3068 changed to 3068b

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Designer moonein
Designed 2016
Parts 451
Theme Creator
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