Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane MK III




This is not my MOC!

I've uploaded the parts list here for convenience of anyone wanting to build the GMK 6400 Mobile crane (MK III version). This MOC is a community project and credits should go to Gerger, Blakbird, AFOL1969, (and others) for the design and the detailed instructions. Refer to the eurobricks thread for this MOC here

This parts list here is for building the MK III version with Firgelli actuators. The MKIII carrier version does not contain suspension and is considered more reliable when driving. The superstructure is intended to be used with Firgelli 100mm linear actuators. The zipped PDF instructions can be downloaded here

If you want to build the superstructure using my linear actuator made out of lego, the instructions and separate parts list for the lego linear actuator are here

If you want to build the superstructure using standard lego linear actuators, you can use the PDF instructions of the superstructure and boom attachment points here Keep in mind you will need a 4th L motor.

If you have the 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II, you can reference the additional parts needed for the GMK 6400 MK III (with firgelli linear actuators) here

The parts list just of just the carrier (no superstructure, no boom) is here

You can view the additional parts needed for the superstructure (with firgelli actuators) and the boom here

You will need at least ~5m of some custom string for the boom winch. Tying multiple lego strings would probably not work. However, I think you could use standard lego string for the inner-most telescoping boom.
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Name Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane MK III
Designer motomatt
Designed 2015
Inventory 3593 parts
Theme Technic
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