42008 Service Truck Full RC




Here's my modification of 42008 Service Truck set, fully motorized and remote controlled. I decided to keep the original functions (including pneumatics) exactly as they are while adding some extra features as well.

The additional functions are driving, tilting of the driver's cabin, headlights, steering and working-tilting steering wheel. I tried my best to keep the original looks (with some visual improvements though) and made the structure as rigid as possible. The PF elements used are:
- 1 L-motor for 8x4 driving (with single, shared differential)
- 1 M-motor for steering
- 1 M-motor for tilting the cabin
- 1 M-motor for functions (included in the original set)
- 4 M-motors for switches - 2 for pneumatic switches and 2 for mechanical switches
- 4 IR receivers
- 1 Rechargeable battery box
- 1 Led light set,
- 2 x 20 cm extension cables, one for the large motor and one for the battery box.

Any suggestions on improvements are very welcome.

Happy building!
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Name 42008 Service Truck Full RC
Designer Chilekesh
Designed 2016
Inventory 1875 parts
Theme Technic
Modification of 42008-1 Service Truck


  • 2 months, 1 week ago jindala Level 7
    Hi Chilekesh,
        Very nice MOC and you are really making the use of all functions. I tried loading the .LXF file in LDraw, but it says that it can't import 98 parts and 5 parts it can't place properly. Any help here pls?
  • 1 year, 10 months ago 1963maniac Level 18 MOC Designer
    That's a lot of functions in that MOC. Great job!!  LDD and Technic BIs are difficult on a MOC with over 1800 pieces. (very time consuming and frustrating.) LDD /lxf BI files of technic usually don't make sense at all. I usually do a lot of work to the BI before I can even start. I would suggest maybe using a different software for the BI. This and your other MOCs  are awesome and ought to be built by others.
  • 2 years, 1 month ago Gluibert Level 7 PRO
    hello, could someone please provide me with a PDF version of the building instructions, I cant converse the .LXF file

    • 1 year, 11 months ago Chilekesh Level 12 Designed this MOC
      Hi, there are no pdf instructions, sorry. If you work with the lxf, you'll figure it out easily enough. The build is not really that complicated.
  • 2 years, 5 months ago one_brick_pony Level 9 MOC Designer PRO
    Wow!  I might have to add this to my "to build" list.  Well done.
  • 3 years, 6 months ago RobomissionDE Level 12 MOC Designer
    Looks cool :-)
    Can you maybe provide a video demonstrating all the functions ?
    Many thanks to provide the lxf ! :-)
    • 3 years, 6 months ago Chilekesh Level 12 Designed this MOC
      Thanks :) I'll get around to shooting a video soon.
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